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Has anyone else noticed that Strauss never shows almost any emotion at all? Especially in the episode 100.

you’re watching the show wrong

people misread Strauss so horribly

like, yeah, she’s a hardass and by-the-book, and…

It still doesn’t change the fact she shows no emotion.  I mean saying words is one thing, but showing you mean them is another.

The thing is, she does shows emotion. She’s shown anger when arguing with Hotch, she’s been broken heart when she was forced to step away from her job because of her addiction problem, and you could see she was trying pretty hard to help Hotch after “100”, and was not entirely successful in hiding her emotions.

Now, she’s pretty much like Hotch. She’s very professional, which brings the need to be impersonal. Whenever he is at work he has the same exact expression the whole time. He doesn’t show surprise, reliefe, he barely flinched when the team watched Reid being tortured by Tobias. The only time I remember him being the least upset during a case was when Prentiss was being beaten when she and Reid got stuck with those crazy religious people.

In fact, THIS was his face several seconds after he found a man in a mask standing in his living room with a gun pointed to him (I don’t quite remember if he already knew this mask was the reapers)


He didn’t even blink when a shot was fired right to his left.

This is emotionless. Strauss gets upset, surprised, relieved, she shows fear and worries whenever the procedure is the least dangerous (something even JJ doesn’t since she’s used to it, and she’s been shown to be very emotional). She was very sensitive and understanding when dealing with Hotch after “100”, because that’s what he needed. Just because she doesn’t fall to her knees crying dramatically does not means she’s emotionless. We’ve also seen very few scenes in which things get personal to her.

tl;dr: Her heart is in the right place. We’ve seen her in very few situations that required any emotional response at all. Hotch barely blinked when he found a man with a gun in his apartment, but somehow nobody feels the need to bring this up, instead picking on Strauss because she doesn’t ball her eyes out whenever, idk, she pops open a soda can.

Amen to this last post. For all the little scenes we have seen of Strauss from when she was first introduced I’d say she was everything but emotionless. Her changing relationship with the team alone allowed us to see many aspects of of character, and the new season maybe will show even more of that (in particular with the new season-unsub…)

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  • 5 January 2013
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